The HingeWorx Hinge

hinge and door stop in one with pin The HingeWorx door hinge is a revolutionary butt hinge and door stop in one that finally solves the problems inherent in swinging doors.

Revolutionary Benefits

Because the door stop is integral within the HingeWorx hinge and can be set and reset to stop at any of 24 evenly-spaced angles from 0 to 360 degrees, the HingeWorx hinge finally overcomes the traditional problems inherent in swinging doors and delivers 4 key benefits above and beyond anything on the market.

1. Eliminates Costly Damage. With the door stop integral within the hinge, the HingeWorx hinge eliminates traditional door stops that commonly mar or punch holes in doors and trim, causing costly damage. Broken, worn, or missing door stops, and the damage they cause, are also eliminated. Because the hinge is adjustable to stop the door at 24 angles, it can prevent damage-causing situations traditional stops can’t, such as when a door swings into furniture, an air return, or another door. Additionally, during construction, contractors can now install both exterior and interior doors prior to baseboard and other trim without worrying about damage to drywall or the door itself.

2. Increases Use of Floor Space. Because the hinge can be set to stop at any of 24 angles, you can now move dressers, desks, couches, chairs, plants, and other household items to locations previously prevented by swinging doors, helping you optimize the layout and design of your space.

3. Improves Cleaning Access. Because the HingeWorx hinge eliminates baseboard and floor door stops that obstruct cleaning efforts, you can now effectively vacuum, sweep, or mop all floor spaces.

4. Enhances Design of Living Space. Because the door stop is discretely concealed within the HingeWorx hinge, design conscious homeowners and decorators alike can now remove unsightly, traditional door stops to better achieve their design objectives.

Engineered to Protect Door Systems

Under normal, and even above normal operating forces where 10 lbs of force was applied 10,000 times to the end of a swinging door, the amount of force applied to the hinge is of little to no concern or consequence. However, because a swinging door is essentially a lever where an amount of force at its extremity is increased at the fulcrum or hinge, the HingeWorx hinge is engineered with a pressure-release feature to accommodate excessively large amounts of force without stripping screws or otherwise damaging door systems.

Disruptive Replacement Technology

For about the same cost as a traditional butt hinge and door stop, consumers now have an effective solution to swinging door problems. As an elegant, simple solution to age-old problems, the HingeWorx hinge is positioned as a disruptive, replacement technology that may send tsunami-sized ripples throughout the world in short order. While ubiquitous around the globe until now, traditional butt hinges and door stops may soon become as obsolete as typewriters and horse-drawn buggies.

Patent Protection

The HingeWorx hinge is a disruptive technological development that is protected by domestic and international patents pending.

More Information

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